Automotive Battery

Do you need a car battery? Why pay more, when we have them for less. Electro Battery St. Petersburg has a broad automotive battery line to fit the needs of any car battery. Our batteries deliver solid power you can depend on.

car batteries why pay more when we have the same for less.

Product Features:

  • Backed by a car battery warranty program
  • Power range up to 1000 cranking amps
  • We have group sizes that can handle more than 98% of all vehicles on the road today.
  • More Electrolyte improving battery life
  • Internal Pole Strap for high rate discharge
  • Hard paste plates
  • Diamond shaped of grid improves plate conductivity
  • Battery indicator to state battery's state of charge
  • Spark Proof Filter
  • Reinforced heat sealed container
  • Contact us today, request information or See our Automotive Battery brochure for more...

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